Kings of Leon “Come Around Sundown” Review

          “Use Some body” Famous ‘Kings Of Leon’s 5th studio album”Come around Sundown” Released. This Rock album can promise a great hit to the fans with no doubt.
In This album Kings of Leon is Going back to their old style. With 13 southern rock songs.

             The albums Lead single “Radioactive” a 3:26 minute longer rock song maintained the part of the most strongest track on the album.With a prominent bass-line, a memorable chorus and some great vocal harmonies, Kings of Leon seem tighter than ever before, capable of crafting a decent pop song that also rocks.   

Less alienating is the music itself, which has a raw feel to it that their over-produced previous album lacked. There are chugging guitar solos that flow rather than dominate, and a great sense of groove and rhythm between percussion and bass on the faster tracks.


1. “The End”   4:24
2. “Radioactive”   3:26
3. “Pyro”   4:10
4. “Mary”   3:25
5. “The Face”   3:28
6. “The Immortals”   3:28
7. “Back Down South”   4:01
8. “Beach Side”   2:50
9. “No Money”   3:05
10. “Pony Up”   3:04
11. “Birthday”   3:15
12. “Mi Amigo”   4:06
13. “Pickup Truck”   4:44

And Deluxe edition contains 3 more tracks…

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